Come with us on an adventurous jeep tour up to Iceland’s 2nd biggest glacier Langjökull and explore with us our island’s amazingly alive landscape with massive lava flows, stunning volcanic caves and powerful hot springs!

Tour Information
Season: All year around depending on snow and road conditions.
Duration: 9-10 hours
Participants: 1 to 4
Free pick up service at your accommodation in Reykjavik
Note: Bring warm clothing, rain gear, good shoes and lunch.

Depending on the amount of participants.
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Tour Discription
We will leave Reykjavik early in the morning and head north to one of Iceland´s highest and most austere interior roads, called Kaldidalur (Cold Valley).  The track passes the majestic Skjálbreiđur volcano and its desert-like surrounds to skirt the small ice cap Þórisjökull and the larger dome of Langjökull glacier. The stunning scenery up at Langjökull glacier makes it hard to believe that we are only a couple hours away from the heart of downtown Reykjavik.

Among the strangest places in Iceland are its lava tubes, volcanic caves formed by heated gases. In the old days outlaws sometimes hid in these caves. On our tour you will have the chance to don a headlamp on and explore one of these caves under the professional guidance our SAFARIS guides.   On our way out to the historic site of Reykholt, we will visit the enchanting Hraunfossar waterfalls cascading into the glacial river Hvita, meaning ‘White River’, draining off Langjökull and Eiriksjökull glacier.
Reykholt is a place of huge historical importance to Icelanders. The thirteenth-century historian, politician and writer Snorri Sturluson lived here. It is at this sight that Snorri compiled some of the great earlier literature of Iceland´s famous saga age.  Snorri was murdered in the cellar of his house at Reykholt, from where a tunnel led to his naturally heated bathing pool. The tunnel and the bathing pool have been restored and are today a poignant reminder of these events.
After diving deep into history we head on to Deildatunguhver, the largest and most powerful hot springs in Iceland. Pumping out 180 liters of boiling water per second, this is the source for much of western Iceland’s heating needs.

In the afternoon we will head back toward Reykjavik, passing through the scenic Hvalfjordur area, allowing us stunning views before we reach again the city limits of Reykjavik. 



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