Tour Information
Season: June until September
Duration: 9-10 hours
Participants: 1 to 4
Free pick up service at your accommodation in Reykjavik
Note: Bring warm clothing, rain gear, good shoes and lunch. Don't forget your swim gear !!!

Depending on the amount of participants.
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Tour Discription
We start off from Reykjavik early in the morning heading east through green and fertile farmlands as we approach Mount Hekla, one of the most famous volcanoes in the world. Its snow-covered peak (1491m) thrones majestically in the distance. Lying on the western edge of Iceland's eastern volcanic zone, Mount Hekla is Iceland’s third-most active volcano, having erupted some 18 times since the settlement. Due to its active nature, the countryside around Hekla is rather rough, consisting of lava and volcanic ashes. The variations in the lava and vegetation shaped by the forces of erosion create a colorful and spectacular arena for the volcano. Old tales tell of the belief that the souls of the condemned travelled
through Hekla's crater on their way to hell.
With our jeeps we will drive up to the edge of the youngest lava field formed during the latest 2000 eruption. Weather permitting, we will continue along the volcano’s ridge, which is 900m above sea level and will allow us amazing views of the surrounding area.

Leaving the volcano behind us, a rugged mountain track leads us through a moonlike landscape with thousands of steaming hot springs, steam vents, craters, lava flows and lakes – the Torfajökull volcanic system, which threw up the surrounding rhyolite mountains during repeated eruptions under ice. The area feels amazingly alive and is regarded Iceland’s largest high-temperature geothermal area. Surrounded by a spectacular mountain arena of eight glaciers this place has an atmosphere of its own.

A couple adventurous river crossings will bring us to our next destination, Landmannalaugar, which is considered one of Iceland’s most scenic spots. This natural hot pool is set amidst mountains that look like they have been created by an artist run amok with a palette. A perfect place for a stop to stretch your legs and explore or enjoy a refreshing dip in the nearby hot springs.

Heading back to Reykjavik we will pass some interesting pumice excavations along the way.  
Having circumnavigated the great Hekla volcano in only a day will leave us with unforgettable memories and a new appreciation for the incredible forces of Mother Earth.



SAFARIS ehf. - -

Vefhönnun Rafsjón ehf.

Inspired by Iceland